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Dunhill Fine Cut White, a light edition of the iconic Dunhill brand, cements the company’s position as a forerunner and innovator in the cigarette industry. Building on the triumph of its predecessors, Dunhill introduces a cigarette that not only preserves the brand’s signature tobacco flavor but also features a flow filter that improves the overall quality and smoking experience.

Optimal Choice for Those Who Prefer Light Flavor

Dunhill cigarettes are a revered brand of cigarettes, smoked by discerning smokers around the world. Dunhill provide an unrivalled smoking experience thanks to their blend of premium-quality tobacco and contemporary design. The cigarettes are expertly crafted with a taste that is designed to satisfy even the most refined smoker. Our prices are unbeatable, allowing smokers to save money while indulging in their preferred smoke.

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Dunhill Fine Cut White has the following specifications:

Each pack contains 20 cigarettes

  • Each cigarette contains:
  • tar – 1mg
  • nicotine – 0.1mg

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4 reviews for Dunhill Fine Cut White

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