Dunhill Silver

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Dunhill Silver cigarettes represent the peak of refinement and luxury, upheld by the iconic Dunhill brand’s reputation for crafting premium-quality cigarettes. This edition is a proud part to Dunhill’s already impressive lineup of exceptional tobacco products.

Legendary Tobacco Flavor

Famed for its legendary tobacco flavor that lingers on the palate, Dunhill Silver cigarettes rewrites the standard for quality in the smoker’s market. These cigarettes transport smokers to a new realm of indulgence and luxury, an experience that is unmatched. If you seek to elevate your smoking experience and savor an extraordinary tobacco taste, this is a perfect choice. Don’t delay, order now and discover the unparalleled pleasure of this cigarettes.

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Dunhill Silver is available in the following characteristics:

One pack contains 20 cigarettes

  • Each cigarette contains:
  • tar – 3 mg
  • nicotine – 0.3 mg

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3 reviews for Dunhill Silver

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    Excellent, no fuss and delivery great!! Orderd many times and will continue to do so!!

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    Nice approach to request. Remembered me. Fast delivery. Very good prices

  3. Rima Molcanova

    Straight forward, good prices, quick dispatch, what more can you ask for?

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